The New York based public relations agency VP&C has found a novel way to promote their clients-by riding in a motor home furnished by their clients’ products. Five execs and staff members of VP&C will take the mobile marketing tour from New York to De Moines with multiple stops in the way including Fallingwater, Pa. and Chicago. The executive creative head and chief executive of VP&C will be behind the wheels of the P.R.R.V- the name given to the motor home. 

The merchandise in and on the vehicle includes products from Benjamin Moore paints, Rocky Mountain hardware, J.C. Penny, Q Squared, Mohawk carpet, and Dornbracht. The agency’s plan is to engage with the reporters and editors of dailies and magazines at each and every stop to tell them more about their clients and give them a first-hand view of the products as well. Esther Perman, a principal at VP&C, said while referring to their clients,” We meet ‘deskside’ with editors.-all the time to discuss what’s new and noteworthy from these manufacturing and retail resources.” The purpose of this road trip, she said is the driving buzz that it has and to showcase the clients’ products in an actual livable environment. 

VP&C told that the total cost of this tour is $50,000 including all expenses. For more information regarding the tour and what the head honchos of the company said in relation to the tour, you can easily navigate to the directory submission in the website which will give you a clearer picture of the event.