, a survey software company that provides online survey creation, deployment, and analysis software tools, recently announced the ability to integrate its software into virtually any CRM, Call Center, or ERP system.

Rating Employees on Output:
Support centers often make the mistake of rating customer support agents on the number of calls they take, or how quickly they can get off the phone with one customer to answer the next call. Key metrics such as customer satisfaction and recommendation scores are jeopardized as a result. Surveying customers enables organizations to improve the way they measure success.

Easy to Measure Customer Satisfaction:
Companies that have customer support centers can use to integrate the sending of surveys to customers who call in for support to obtain feedback on their services. Picture this: a customer encounters an issue with a computer they purchased from your company. He calls your customer support center and speaks to a representative who gathers information on the issue, including his email address. The support representative then helps the customer resolve his issue.

As soon as the support representative ends the call, a survey is automatically sent through via email to the customer. The customer receives your survey and spends less than 30 seconds providing your organization with feedback on the support experience. Included in his feedback is a satisfaction rating, and feedback on how likely he is to recommend your products and services to others.

Your organization is able to obtain real-time satisfaction scores by each representative, computer model, support center location, time period, and more. It‘s a bit like having a dashboard in a car. You‘re getting real-time feedback on how your support center is performing, as opposed to waiting till the end of the quarter for your financial results.

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