AudioShapers has released a special tribute song dedicated to those affected by the Paris attacks.

HAMILTON, New Zealand, November 16, 2015 — AudioShapers has composed and released a special song as a tribute to all those who are affected by the Paris attacks. Composed with intense emotions, the song offers hope, peace and healing to its listeners.

“I woke up to the devastating news of the Paris attacks. As I watched the news, millions of emotions tore through my heart”, said Rajiv Agarwal, the founder of Audioshapers. “I needed a way to channel this negative energy into more positive emotions of healing and peace. I believe in the power of music to transform and heal emotions. So I sat down and composed the song,
“A prayer for Paris", to invoke healing, peace and express my solidarity with the victims of this senseless violence. The song has complex emotions, with hope and healing as its backdrop. As a musician, I wanted to do whatever little I could do to heal our fractured planet.”

The unusual thing about this song is that it was composed, mixed and mastered in less than 6 hours.

It can be viewed on YouTube:

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Rajiv Agarwal
Director, Audioshapers
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