Fuzhou, China; 20, February 2017: A-Star Photonics, Inc., specializes in the production of laser crystals that have wide application in the fields of precision optics and optical communication. The high-tech enterprise has specialized labs and production lines as well as dedicated workforce to develop optical elements and crystal materials that can be used in different practical applications.

The company is a leading supplier of the China Optical Lenses that can be used in high precision optical instruments. They have a team of experienced photonics experts who can ensure the production of the top quality products. With the most advanced production equipments at their production lines, integrated with the R&D facility, they make sure that high quality and precise crystal materials are developed and supplied. The automated ultrasonic cleaning ensures dust-free and clean workshops for producing the best quality optical communication components for industries.

They also supply the BBO Crystal that comes with a set of unique features. This non-linear crystal is available with a wide transparency and in different phase matching ranges. With an excellent optical homogeneity and a high damage threshold, the crystal can be used in different optical applications. The company can maintain a large crystal range and can offer even 0.005mm thin substrate. According to the company spokesperson, they accept OEM orders and can supply crystals in any dimension and specification matching client’s requirement.

A-Star also specializes in the production of the LBO Crystal, which is a very useful non-linear optical material for its excellent physical properties. With a broad optical transparency ranging between 160 and 2600nm, it has its large acceptance angle to be used in optical instruments. The company can supply the crystal with better temperature control ability and a higher optical homogeneity, which make it suitable for high power applications. Moreover, it has a very high damage threshold that enhances its use and the application area.

One can learn more about the crystals and other optical components that they supply by visiting their website http://www.astarphotonics.com/

About A-Star Photonics, Inc.:

A-Star is a High Precision Optical Components and Laser Crystals Manufacturer in China. The company specializes in Projection Display Optical Elements, Crystals Material, Precision Optics and Optical Communication Components. It is a high-tech enterprise with integrated R&D, manufacturing and selling. A-Star Photonics has a strong team consist of experienced experts who are dedicated to photonics over 20 years. They have a whole set of clean and dust-free workshop, automated ultrasonic cleaning production line, most advance production equipments and test instruments to ensure the quality.

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