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New Lenox, Il, 10/7/2015 — according to Miracle Alternatives, LLC they had a customer who purchased a wishing from them for the purpose in helping them sell the home.
After having the wishing machine for about three to four weeks the home sold.
The couple before selling the home were very stressed out. They had never fully recovered after the financial crash in 2008. The husband had to settle for a demotion which meant less pay.
The couple tried everything. They even buried a statu of Joseph in their back yard. It sat there for a year and nothing. Perhaps two or three showing all year that's it.
The irony of it was the house needed some work. One in which was a new roof.
It just so happen's, they found a business card from a construction company hanging up in a Home Depot. The couple had a feeling to call them and see if they could work out some kind of bartering. It just so happen's the man who owned the house was good with computers.
However, the construction company was small and needed work. They worked out a deal. The home owners would pay for the supplies, and the company wouldn't get paid until the home sold.
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Summary: Wishing machines has been around since the early nineteen hundreds. Providing you program it correctly, providing you believe and live by the laws of attraction you could make almost any wish, need and or desire come true.
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