Orlando, FL— July 13, 2015 — A knee injury is one of the most undesirable things that people do not want to experience. However, there are certain groups of individuals, such as female athletes, that are more prone to accidents, which often lead to injury.

A study investigates the way to prevent knee injuries among female athletes. According to the study, a minor change in the way that athletes move, such as landing correctly after a jump, can make a big difference. Female athletes are more prone to injury, and this has caught the interest of researchers.

The Swedish researchers state that a simple exercise program can help female athletes avoid knee injury by 77 percent. This exercise program is designed to teach girls to land correctly while playing, running and jumping on the soccer field. The findings of the study are significant mainly because girls are eight times more susceptible to ACL than boys. ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is characterized by a tear in the band of tissue located in the knees.

“What makes knee injuries alarming is that they usually destabilize the knee, and it often results in the development of OA or osteoarthritis later in life,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

The study involved 1,506 girls who belonged to the age bracket between 13 and 19, and who were split into two groups. One group received the intervention program, while the other did not. The intervention program was a physical exercise program that was designed for the girls. It aimed in improving  body control, motor skills, muscle activation and balance with the use of a combination of exercises.

Liisa Byberg, PhD, lead author from the Department of Surgical Sciences in Sweden, states that the program is a combination of warm-up exercises, strength and core stability like sit-ups and various jumping exercises. Warm-up exercises include balance training, jogging and high-knee skipping and balance training.

It was found that 13 girls from the control group experienced knee injuries and only 3 in the intervention group did. This means that there was a 77 percent reduction in the participants in the group who received the intervention. According to Byberg, the study only demonstrates that it is possible to prevent injuries through the physical exercise program.

Another interesting thing about the findings of the study is that the injuries experienced by the participants who belonged to the intervention group, were less severe than those in the control group.

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