Orlando, FL— July 31, 2015 — Joint replacement surgery is one of the procedures commonly resorted to by people who want their worn out knees to be fixed. However, there is a potential, undesirable after-effect of the surgery that people should know about before resorting to this measure.

A study reveals weight gain may follow after joint replacement surgery. This surgery has long been popularized by its capacity to take away the pain caused by arthritis. When there is no pain, people are able to move and become more active, and this increases the odds of weight loss. However, it seems that things are going not as expected.

The researchers at the University of Delaware followed over 100 individuals who had knee replacement surgery for two years. They found that a majority experienced weight gain of an average of 14 more pounds than the group who did not undergo surgery.

Joseph Zeni, Jr., PhD, a physical therapist and research assistant professor at the University of Delaware, states that weight gain after the surgery is surprising. Individuals with end stage arthritis often say that after the surgery, the pain will go away and it will allow them to exercise and lose weight.

In a study, the researchers monitored 106 adults who suffered from severe, painful knee osteoarthritis and 31 individuals without knee pain. Those with osteoarthritis resorted to knee replacement surgery and also received outpatient physical therapy. After two years, it was found that two-thirds of the group who underwent knee replacement had gained weight. This is regardless of the marital status, education level, activity level or income level prior to the surgery. The control group, on the other hand, did not experience any weight gain within the two-year period.

A study in 2006 that was published in Surgeon revealed that sufferers had gained an average of 10 pounds after three years of undergoing the surgery. These people were not obese before they had their joints replaced. On the other hand, those who were obese before the surgery gained an average of 14 pounds in three years.

According to experts, weight gain is dangerous for individuals who had joint replacements, because having a higher body mass is considered a risk factor in the loosening of joint components. When the joint components loosen, it can result in the need for a revision surgery.

Nowadays, people are resorting to various measures just to improve their overall condition and avoid joint replacement. There are many arthritis sufferers who rely on glucosamine supplements, as these natural alternatives are believed to be helpful in regaining the health of the joint cartilage, and improving the overall health of sufferers (amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Chondroitin-Supplement-Turmeric/dp/B00DUMO9X4/).
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