A tale of love and betrayal on Emotional Atyachaar

~ Witness the tale of two boys looking for love as they fall for a girl who would never be with either of them~

Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals that binds them to each other for the rest of their lives. But what if one is married without their consent and feels as though all their wishes and desires have been dashed? The same marriage then compels them to look outside it for love and happiness, which could lead to many broken hearts and shattered beliefs. This week, Emotional Atyachaar brings you one such story about a girl, who for the sake of her happiness breaks more than one heart.


Atishay, a 23 year old good natured albeit slightly possessive young boy from Udaipur, is like any other guy one would know. That is, until, once when he is with his friends Raveen, Naman and cousin Mohit, he happens to notice Avani, a beautiful and demure girl from his neighborhood. What follows is love at first sight for Atishay who starts spending hours just gazing at Avani. Soon Atishay professes his feelings to Avani and they start dating. Everything seems to be fine except that Atishay seems to have a streak of possessiveness which leads to arguments between the two. After one such argument, Atishay doesn’t hear from Avani for days together and fearing that she maybe miffed, Atishay steals into her house but finds her door locked. He then reaches her college where he does not find Avani but runs into Raveen who says he was there visiting a friend and abruptly walks away. He soon learns that Avani was in Kota for a wedding and had left in a hurry so was unable to inform him.


Once she has returned, Avani tells Atishay that they should let things cool off for a bit as her mother may have a doubt on her. After a while he sees Avani having an argument with someone over the phone at a PCO. On redialing the number, Atishay learns that it was his friend Raveen. He questions his friend who admits that Avani was his girlfriend. Turns out, she had been unfaithful to both of them with the other. When they confront Avani about the situation, they learn the actual truth which turns out to be much worse then what either of them had thought.


Learn the truth about Avani this week on ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, on Saturday, __October 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!


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