Margate City, New Jersey; 24, January 2015: Located in the neck, just below the Adam’s apple, the thyroid gland performs a host of functions, including regulation of the most important organs: brain, heart, liver and kidneys. Maintaining good thyroid health is essential to achieving overall health. can help, with access to coupons for several thyroid medications.

Synthroid (Levothyroxine)

Synthroid is a synthetic hormone prescribed to treat various thyroid conditions, predominantly hypothyroidism (lack of enough thyroid hormone). It helps to counter thyroid disease by giving the body the needed hormone (T4 — thyroxine) in situations where the thyroid gland does not produce the needed amount. Synthroid coupons can help reduce consumer cost of this medication at the pharmacy.

Armour Thyroid

Armour Thyroid is a replacement-therapy medicine used with patients who do not naturally produce enough thyroid hormones (T4 and T3). The hormones in Armour Thyroid are naturally-derived and may be prescribed as a part of daily regimen in patients with obesity or hypothyroidism. Armour Thyroid discount cards are freely available for print-out at

Levoxyl (Levothyroxine)

Levoxyl is prescribed as a hormone-replacement in patients who do not naturally produce enough thyroid hormones, often due to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can lead to other disorders, such as obesity, cretinism (hypothyroidism since birth) and goiter (an enlarged thyroid). Levoxyl is often prescribed over a long period of time. Levoxyl coupons can help lower the cost of this medication.

Tirosint (Levothyroxine)

Tirosint is another medicine prescribed for patients who have hypothyroidism and do not naturally produce enough thyroid hormone. Hormone-replacement therapy is often not an exact science, and doctors will have to tailor the treatment to the patient’s specific hormone needs. This can include a long-term prescription of hormone-replacement medications. Printing a Tirosint coupon can help with the costs of this medication at the pharmacy, saving consumers up to 75%.

Thyroid-related illnesses affect up to 200 million people worldwide. Americans account for 20 million of those affected, as reported by the American Thyroid Association. In these cases, up to 60 percent of those afflicted are completely unaware of their illness. More women are diagnosed with thyroid-related illnesses than men, and thyroid illness is often a life-long problem. Thyroid diseases can take many forms, but most are related to hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid).

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