Well that approach didn’t work too well for Elvis, however if he was eating the right combination of foods, he may have fared a little better.

That’s the opinion of Graham Cassidy, who is presenting a brand new webinar on the subject of how you can actually lose weight by simply eating the right combination of foods, even ice cream. “You need to eat the right combination of foods in the right order to allow the body’s metabolism to break down harmful fats naturally” says Cassidy.

All this can be done without the need of strenuous exercise and without following crazy diets, he claims.The problem with most diets is they send your body into a sort of “shock” which is referred to as starvation mode.

This is where the body actually holds on to fat thinking that you are actually starving, so therefore needs to slow down your metabolism in order for it to survive, this is a process that we are genetically hard wired for.

It goes all the way back to our Neanderthal ancestors when supply of food wasn’t so plentiful. The problem is it leaves you feeling lethargic and drained of energy. This is when your body gets a natural craving for sugar in an effort to boost blood sugar levels to give you more energy.

You may have experienced this yourself if you have ever been on a crash diet. The correct way to lose weight, and also the most reliable I might add, is to speed up your metabolism by eating the right combination of foods in the right order.

If you want to find out more about this you can register for the upcoming free webinar at http://www.webinarbooking.com/101

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