(Free Press Release) Digitalid offers a wide array of lanyards. Digitalid is the UK's largest on-line store for plastic card related products. With over 18 years experience and over 2 million products.

Digitalid is a one-stop-shop for everything relating to the supply of plastic cards and card wearing accessories. Its Custom printed lanyards can be manufactured to your specific requirements.

Lanyards can be screen printed, woven or Dye-Sub. On the other hand, its beaded lanyards are strong and durable, and come in both plastic and metal. Last but not the least, Digitalid‘s complete range of stock lanyards is an extremely popular choice for finding just the right lanyard for any event.

Digitalid also helps in customizing lanyards for its clients. Customized lanyards usually carry a company name, message, or logo to increase your company's recognition amongst your target market. These lanyards could be given away at trade shows, conventions, and other functions to help get your marketing message out to potential buyers.

You could also use lanyards to identify employees for security purposes, workers for retail customers, and even for holding important safety items like hearing protectors or safety goggles conveniently for worker use. When used as a promotional item, lanyards can enhance your company's marketing message in front of the potential customers. The versatility of lanyards makes them suitable for just about any workplace today.

States a customer” the quality of material used is the lanyards is of excellent quality, making is long-lasting and easy to use.

“I was tired to un-wanted elements entering my business premises, but could not do anything to stop their entry. Then, I was suggested by a friend to opt for lanyards. Lanyards helped me identify my employees and thereby stop the entry of unwanted elements”. I ordered lanyards form Digitalid. Attractive and durable, the lanyards assist employees in using their ID cards conveniently. Thanks to Digitalid”, states a satisfied customer.

Lanyards can play a vital role in improving your company's security. This is the reason why they have gained immense popularity in businesses or organizations of all types and sizes. Lanyards are also an excellent way for workers to keep necessary safety equipment close at hand. Attaching safety eye glasses or ear protection to a lanyard makes it harder for an employee to lose those items, keeping them handy when an employee needs them.

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