Singapore - Potential business owners do not need to fret any longer with the launch of A1 business’s new website, a portal for business service, with services ranging from company registration to accounting services, company incorporation has never been simpler.

Owners of small businesses are sometimes clueless about the requirements of starting a company in Singapore, and have no idea where to start, what documents to prepare, and whether they are eligible. The A1 business portal aims to reach out to such individuals and help them on their journey, by offering servicesfor every part of running a business, from registering the company, to filing taxes, to web and logo design.

In recent weeks, companies were urged by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority to raise the quality of financial reporting. Companies in Singapore are required to present a complete set of financial statements at least annually. The A1 business portal hopes to help companies address that problem by providing accounting services to small companies at competitive prices, eliminating the need for them to employ a full-time in-house accountant. GST filing services are also offered without charge.

Rising overheads are a common reason why companies fold, and a large part of that cost is the rent on training and meeting rooms, and those are often underused. With the size of our city-state being a meager710km2,rent is not cheap. Where can companies hold large events such as staff training in our claustrophobic country? A1 business has realized a need for such spaces, and its portal offers seminar and meeting room rental at affordable prices for small businesses.

Increasingly, to save costs, owners of small companies are working from home. However, when it comes to having a mailing address, there is a lack of prestige in a residential address, compared to other places in the Central Business District, such as Shenton way and International Plaza.

“Some businessmen prefer not to their home address as registered address to avoid unnecessary complications in future” says Ray Chiang, Director of A1 business, “this is why we thought of having a virtual office to help such small businesses.”  Their virtual office service allows clients to mail letters and parcels to their International Plaza address, and the recipients can then collect these items any time during their office hours.

However, the business portal is not the only thing that keeps A1 business working like clockwork. Staff also contributes to this success, according to customers.

“They are friendly and gave us quality service,” one customer said after successfully registering his new company, “The staff member was helpful, friendly and patient to my concerns and questions on incorporation. Good job!”

Truly, service is at the heart of A1business,however efficiency is another key component in the business. For example,rubber stamps can be completed within a short span of ten minutes. Many customers report being served in a very short time.

“I am amazed by the speed, efficiency and helpfulness provided to me when I engaged them. A very good example would be the cost, speed, and quality of namecard printing. I have not hesitated to refer my business partner to use A1 business as well,” as one customer puts it. This efficiency and speed is testimony to A1 business’s understanding that time is precious to the busy Singaporean of today.

In the thriving business hub that is Singapore, entrepreneurs often find they need more time to focus on nurturing their ‘child’, and less time on the nitty-gritty paperwork. A1’s business portal is a response to the growing demand for corporate solution providers.Small businesses in Singapore stand to benefit from seeking services from such companies.

A.1 Business Pte Ltd is a company in Singapore dedicated to providing support for corporate matters ranging from Singapore company registration for partnership/sole partnership, compilation of unaudited financial statements, corporate tax filing and virtual office rental to fax & call answering at competitive prices.

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