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Monday 7th October 2013

Hukum Singh tells Naulakha Devi that she alone can convince Samar. Caught in a tight spot, Naulakha begs Samar who is angry and confused to take the right decision for the sake of both the families. To everyone’s shock, Hukum Singh tells Sia’s father that Sia will get married to Samar.


Tuesday 8th October 2013

On getting to know that she now has to marry Samar, Sia runs away from the room. She argues with god for doing this with her and her family. Sia is sitting alone crying when Samar notices her. Samar who was thinking about himself and his career so far is now more confused and a little concerned for Sia and her family.


Wednesday 9th October 2013

Sia finally gets married to Samar. Both the reluctant partners, Samar and Sia gets in to an matrimonial alliance just to save their respective families of social embarrassment. Meanwhile Dev who is guilty for running away from the wedding mandap is wondering what all his family and Sia’s family must be going through because of him, while Radhika is trying to pacify him.


Thursday 10th October 2013

Its Sia’s vidaai as Sia and Samar approach the car when suddenly their gathbandhan opens. Naulakha Devi reaches the gathbandhan well in time to save it from falling down, almost committing that she will take care of this relation. Sia is finally sent off in a known world to live with an unknown man.



Friday 11th October 2013

Gini takes Sia to her room and taunts her on the way about the twist in her fate. Sia feels bad but she has been trying to control her tears ever since the vidaai. A pained and exhausted, Sia is finally left alone in Samar’s room.



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