A recent survey has shown that more women suffer from stretch marks than the men folk. The female skin is thinner and hence making it more susceptible to stretch mark residues even when a man and woman undergoes the same amount of stretch on the skin. The woman’s skin being delicate, resorting to harsh medications and cosmetics should not be the first option. The Aandhnv blog offers some of the most natural ways to remove stretch marks.

Even among the different causes of stretch marks, pregnancy is one of the most common causes among mothers. The more mature a pregnant woman is, the more prominent the marks will be because the skin loses it elasticity with age. As for teenage mothers, the marks usually recede very quickly and mostly on its own. Pregnant tummies should be given special care in choosing the right stretch mark removal treatment because the skin is stretched almost beyond its elastic capacity that it has become highly delicate. Many of the women tend to be under the grave misconception that the stronger cream or cosmetic will be suitable for such conditions but it is just the opposite. Women must remember that the skin is already damaged by tempting its elasticity beyond its capacity and by adding harsh or strong creams will make it worse. It will damage the skin cells and the skin will not be able to look like it used to even when it has gained it elasticity back. Aandhnv shares some of the most out of the box ideas that can help the skin get back to its earlier self through natural remedies.

Although the stretch mark removal is an age-old challenge and has been already solved in many different ways, like through drugs, creams, and other remedies, curing the imperfection alone is not enough. For more information please go to http://aandhnv.com/

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