Abhinam Yoga Center offers daily drop in classes amidst the attractive gorgeousness of the Palolem beach in South Goa.

Abhinam Yoga Centre announced daily morning and evening drop in classes at Maria Guest house in Palolem, Goa. The morning class which starts from 8:30AM-10AM, is the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class while the evening class is starting from 4PM- 5:30PM, is Iyengar Hatha Class. These drop in yoga classes in Palolem(http://www.abhinamyoga.com/) endow the students with the opportunity to further their yoga practice, deepening acquaintance of postures and exact alignment, building interior strength and enhancing flexibility in a compassionate and supportive atmosphere.

One of the spokesperson of Abhinam Yoga center said,“The yoga classes near Palolem beach in Goa is a nice change from the scenic mountains of Dharamsala where we have successfully concluded our season. We continue to provide supportive guidance and training to take our students forward on the yogic path with our daily drop-in yoga classes for students of all levels and abilities. The drop-in classes will benefit all students, from very beginner to highly advanced, and everyone in between.” He further added, “All classes are taught by Yoga Alliance Certified Teachers with years of experience practicing and teaching many types of yoga.”

One of the students from Israel, who attended the first morning class reviewed, “I am very happy to be here. I’ve had a really wonderful time in the class. I’m excited to be learning the ancient art of yoga in the right way. The teacher was very supportive, experienced and patient. I can already feel some positive changes in the flexibility of my body”

The morning Ashtanga Vinyasa class involves synchronizing of the breath with progressive series of challenging postures. The evening Iyengar Hatha class is characterized by an emphasis on detail and precision of alignment in each posture. Focusing on defensive measures, ensuring safe and injury-free yoga practice makes it handy to all.

About Abhinam Yoga:
Abhinam Yoga Center in Goa, offers the perfect location for a yogic holiday to yogis and yogin is from all over the world seeking to deepen their practice and a relaxing break to unwind in the lap of nature. The Center also organizes certified yoga teacher trainings in Goa.

For more details: http://www.abhinamyoga.com/teacher-training-courses/

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