From robust devices intended for commercial use to compact and efficient appliances that will fit in any dorm room, Magic Chef has become an appliance manufacturer that is known throughout the world for their commitment to durability and longevity. They have taken a notable step away from much of their competition with a broad array of products that have been rigorously tested and are sure to stand up to years of uninterrupted use. Here is a look at some of their most popular products as well as a few of the features that have come to set Magic Chef apart from many of the other top brands.

Magic Chef has dedicated all of its funds into creating appliances that are meant to cook and store food. Unlike many of the other companies that have stretched their line of products to encompass everything form cleaning clothes to climate control, this manufacturer has remained focused on the kitchen. Their full line of products begins with the microwave, one appliance in which they have dozens of choices now available to the public.

Their primary series are the M and the D line of microwaves. The D line of microwaves comes with many of the useful features that have cut out the ambiguity for cooking and heating food. In addition to these one-touch controls, they are also one of the few providers that has devoted its time into making these products as safe as possible for use in any home, including those with small children. They offer some of the most efficient and effective child safety locks that will keep children from hurting themselves without making these devices a hassle to use throughout the day.

Their line of refrigerators is another key selling point for Magic Chef, and many customers are shocked to find out that they deal almost completely with miniature and half-sized refrigerators as small as 1.7 cu. ft. Without many of the frills of larger and more robust machines, these devices were crafted for the simple task of keeping food items at a consistent and cool temperature. With very few moving parts or electronics, they have become known for operating for years on end without the need for any overwhelming number of maintenance or repairs.

For wine and beer connoisseurs, a Magic Chef beverage cooler may be exactly what is needed to maintain these collections. They come in a number of sizes that can accommodate up to 50 full-sized wine bottles or as small as 2 feet across for just a few select bottles or cans.

Magic Chef continues to strip away the frills that are now added to many appliances and sticks to the practical and time-tested features that customers have come to expect from their kitchen appliances.

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