16, June 2016: Moben Global Inc. had rolled out a type of skateboard—K1 wireless remote control skateboard last year. Even though FOSJOAS K1 looks like the traditional skateboard, in fact it is different from the traditional one in many facets. This time, the specialities of FOSJOAS K1 electric skateboard will be talked about. By virtue of its own features, it allures a great many scooter-lovers and skateboard-lovers to buy it. It caused a big sensation in the market for scooter.


Compared with the traditional skateboard, K1 motorized skateboard, powered by electricity and controlled by wireless remote control has arrested the public’s attention. Moben brought together a team of highly skilled and very professional individuals, who not only design the product, but also use it and test it as well. Many users may feel very nervous if they start out at a high speed.

So Moben has built-in a function that allows users to start as a slower speed and increase the speed as they gain confidence over the time. Via the remote control device, players can adjust the speed of K1 electric skateboard in the process of cycling and thereby he is fortunate to taste the variation of speed. The wireless remote control is a huge stride in FOSJOAS K1, which makes it stand out from those traditional skateboards. The K1 is available to control from a certain distance. The wireless signal can penetrate the wall and any barrier. It makes possible to connect K1 freely and efficiently.


Skateboard-lovers are young and energetic, craving for fashion and novelty. The traditional skateboard seems too boring and dreary, which dents the interest of the young. FOSJOAS K1 makes stickers available full of colours, patterns and themes. With K1 maple electric skateboard, players can modify the panels, the wheels and the battery. In a word, such a unique and personalized board will add much fun to your life.

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