As Google holds on to its 67% market share, Accept By Phone offers free consulting to show Small Businesses the Value of a Top Search Engine Position

Columbus, Ohio -  The number of Americans using search engines hit 73% by 2012. With the latest figures now confirming Google has maintained its 67% market share, credit card processing company Accept By Phone launches a new, free consultancy service to businesses looking to get the best from the search engines.

Between 2002 and 2012, the number of Americans using search engines rose from 52% to 73%, according to data released by Pew Internet( The figures are part of the increasing body of evidence that shows the huge value to businesses of knowing how to position themselves at the top of online search results. Research published in July 2013 by online advertisement network Chikita further backs this position — the study found that 33% of traffic is drawn to the top listing in Google’s organic search results( The second place listing drew 18%.

Kevin Cross, owner of Accept By Phone Inc, has learned first-hand how important it is to be visible in search engine results. Between 2006 and 2012, a staggering 98% of new customers came to him as a result of internet search. His online visibility has allowed him to grow and expand his business and now Kevin is looking to share his success with other companies. He explains:

“Having seen for myself the intrinsic value to being at the top of internet search engine results, I wanted to share my experience with other business owners. Accept By Phone will therefore be offering free step by step consulting via weekly emails and monthly telephone conference calls, in order to help other companies to achieve the same success that we’ve achieved.”

The service will include insights into how to gain new customers online, details of pitfalls to avoid and warnings against the dangers of costly and often unproductive search engine optimization spending. Businesses will pay nothing for the advice — all Kevin asks is that they set up or switch their credit card processing function to Accept By Phone.

As the latest data from comScore( shows Google as maintaining its 67% explicit core search share, with easily three times more market share than Microsoft, its nearest competitor, it is perhaps unsurprising that Kevin has focused his free advice sessions on how to get the best from the search engine giant. What is interesting is the way in which he has translated this consultancy into user-friendly language designed to support fellow businesses in their quest for greater customer numbers and increased sales figures.

With search engine usage figures continuing their upward trend for more than a decade, the free service is not only timely, but arguably an essential component of the modern business’ marketing strategy. Drawing on his own experience, Kevin’s consultancy offers a clear way for companies to improve their web presence and be smarter about how they find new customers. Indeed, there’s no longer really much choice in the matter — those that fail to engage with the search engines will find themselves rapidly falling further and further behind those that do.  

To find out more, contact Kevin  by email at [email protected] or tel. 614.529.1390 website. .

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