Multitalented Rapper/Songwriter, Joeblacc is generating an undeniable buzz in the music industry. Since the official release of “Swoosh Remix” music video, Joeblacc has been getting massive attention and his fanbase has grown tremendously. Following the release of the extraordinaire single “Swoosh Remix”, Joeblacc has been toiling in the recording studio.


As anticipated, the multitalented entertainer releases a follow up single “Don’t Know Why”. After listening to Joeblacc’s energetic flow and his charismatic lyrics, it’s safe to say that his fans are definitely in for a treat.

The music industry desperately needed an artist of versatility and Joeblacc is present to bridge the gap. Joeblacc is optimistic about blog placements, interviews and major publicity. Fans and well-wishers may get updates via Joeblacc’s official website and his social media sites: