Are you the owner of a limited company (LTD)? If so, the law requires you to file full statutory annual accounts and your company tax return. This is where chartered accountants in Essex could assist saving you a lot of time. They are very much aware of the ins and outs of their trade and you should not hesitate to put their knowledge to good use, especially when dealing with sensitive financial information that reaches HMRC.


Chartered accountants understand best financial problems and know how to solve different tax issues better than anyone browsing the web for answers (which is what most people facing their own accounting it). One thing they know and always do is to file your tax return on time. They make sure that your submitted assessments with the HM Revenue and Custom and Companies House are in order every year. There will also be filing for your corporation tax. Since all these returns need to be calculated with high levels of accuracy, ensure that you use the top best accountants in your area to do your company tax return.


If you want to do it all yourself, prepare! You are in for a ride... Your first complete your first tax return with the Companies House. You have to do it at least twenty-one months after the date you registered an account with the Companies House. Do the annual accounts filing with the Companies House next. Ensure that you do it nine months after your company’s financial year comes to an end. After you are done, it will be time to pay your Corporation Tax bill.


Otherwise, you should tell the HMRC that your limited company has no debts. Ensure that you do not exceed nine months and one day after the end of your accounting period. Finally ask your best accountants in Essex to pay your Company tax return. This should be paid about twelve months after the accounting period for Corporation tax is over. Note that the accounting period for corporation tax is the same period your Company’s tax return covers. This is usually one year and it is the same period indicated on your annual company accounts statements.  If you wish to file your HMRC and Companies House accounts at the same time, go ahead. If you end up re-opening a dormant company, the terms will be different. More actions are required at the end of your own company’s first year in business.


If you file late with either HMRC or Companies House, you can get in a lot of trouble. While chartered accountants in Essex could help, it would still be up to you to sort things out.. If you apply to the Companies House to have your deadline extended, you might get lucky. To enjoy this benefit however, you should write to the Companies House directly or send an email message. Explain to them why you were unable to pay your taxes on time and hope for understanding.


Making corrections or amendments is possible by all means, but it is not easy. Your accountant knows exactly how to do it for you. He/she will however need your Companies House authentication code to access your account and file the returns on time. He/she may do amendments on your behalf too. An agent is needed to file your Company tax return though.   Whatever you do, it is simply best to file your taxes on time to avoid hefty penalties. Otherwise, just employ an expert in these matters. They will never miss a deadline because they work responsibly.


If you have dealt with expensive accounting errors and company tax return issues, the problem could be solved by our certified chartered accountants in Essex in no time. You just have to call or email us. Our accountants in Essex offer quality services at affordable prices.