The following ACN review will teach you that the program is an authentic network marketing opportunity based on sound products and a reliable company. If you're uneasy about an MLM business being a scam just simply examine its products and its background. Most scams don't have any merchandise and don't last for very long, so let's first examine the business in these terms and discuss the products first.

ACN Products

ACN sells global telecommunications products and services:

. Digital telephone services
. Video phone services
. Internet services including wireless communications
. Home protection systems
. Satellite TV with and without internet
. ACN-specific products and support services

These are all respected products, and are what you can expect to be promoting when you join the ACN network marketing program. ACN responded to the VoIP eruption that endangered their telecoms business by focusing on developing their videophone products. VoIP has many problems, including security problems, in which traditional phones don't, and ACN made sure that they made the best use of this fact.

So who is ACN, who created the company and how long have they been in business?

ACN Founders

ACN was created by four entrepreneurs since 1993, and at that time the company has grown considerably. Based in Concord, North Carolina, ACN Inc. started as American Communications Network, but it expanded fast and extended into Europe in 1999 and then Asia, therefore changed to just ACN Inc. It currently operates in 23 countries.

The founders are four entrepreneurs who saw a gap in the market: Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz, each of whom offers many years of experience with running businesses associated with direct selling. They therefore have the pedigree, along with an annual increase of 40%, the business is solid, an excellent MLM business, and network marketing opportunity.

It is an established name, and has been featured in several extremely respectable publications including USA Today, Inc Magazine and Success from Home magazine. It is therefore not a fly-by-night business, hoping to earn a few quick bucks from some gullible people and then vanish into the night with the money.

ACN Compensation plan

Initially a potential problem with the ACN network marketing program may be that there is a relatively minimal markup on its products. That's because they are all non-unique, so that they cannot be given inflated prices like other MLM program products. You therefore need to sell more volume to develop a substantial income.

However, when you look closer into the company you have a very wide range of products to sell which makes up for the low return, and you will discover it much easier to sell ACN products compared to those of single-product plans. Many customers use more than one ACN product, and you can easily make up the difference by promoting multiple products. They are all goods that practically everyone uses, so they are not tough to sell.

Like several other network marketing or MLM program, you get paid more revenue the bigger your downline, although you will be expected to keep a certain number of customers. Most customers will be involved in more than one product, in recurring payments for instance cell phone services, and also in repeat sales, so this is generally not difficult to accomplish.

ACN Product Benefits

The benefit of ACN products is that they are not luxuries. The majority of individuals will pay some kind of bill for internet services, phone services or TV bills every month - remember you're selling services and not simply just the hard goods, so we are talking about repeated billing here.
There's a growing demand for telecommunication equipment and services, and you will not be lacking potential customers.

A nutritional product, on the other hand, is a luxury that some individuals might purchase a couple of times and then quit when they do not see any visible improvement in the way they look or feel. Possibly the closest in terms of recurring purchases go is Amway and we all know how successful that was - and still is. With ACN you get paid monthly as long as the customer continues to be active - that's better than an one time payment for an individual sale.

When times get hard and money becomes scarce, individuals will drop the luxuries and keep the things they see as essentials: their cell phone, satellite TV and landline. So while your revenue is secure, that of the health products might not be because these are regarded as luxuries. Consider this: if you can only pay for one which will it be - your cell phone or your fruit juice?

ACN Review - The Bottom Line

The bottom line of this ACN review is the business is a secure and proven one, 18 years old and with excellent growth potential. The products are desirable and popular, and almost all instances essentials for the majority of of the population. They provide the likelihood of recurring income and repeat purchases and the company helps with suggestions on advertising and promotional material.

ACN Inc. is an excellent choice for a network marketing or MLM business that offers products with proven revenue potential, are simple to sell and it's relatively easy to persuade others to sign up with your team.

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