If you plan to consider your business to another level, then toll free numbers are the way to go. It instantly offers your company with a big business image and a much more professional feel, which is what exactly you need if you want to have your product or service known in a national level.

The fact is, research shows that consumers react more positively to advertisements with toll free numbers on it. Why? It all boils down to legitimacy and credibility.

By giving existing and potential customers a free and legitimate avenue to inquire (or gripe) regarding your product or service, you're providing your customers the impression that you're a real business and that you are big enough to provide a free communication line to them. In fact, not only are you paying for outgoing calls from the toll free numbers, your business may also be covering the minutes of incoming calls.

Nevertheless, acquiring toll free numbers are certainly not sufficient to create and maintain your credibility. You have to consider a number of steps to make an impact that not only are you a real business, but you also mean business.

Obtain a Phone System

if you are only able to take one call at a time, what's the use of your 800 number? You need to have a robust phone system behind it to support it. Obtain a cloud PBX system which has at least these two features:

. Extensions - Obtain the ability to assign extensions to users and departments. In this way, even though you only have one business number, your business is still equipped to handle several callers at a time.
. Auto Attendant - Have the ability to answer all incoming calls and route it to the correct extension or department that can handle the caller's concern. Your callers won't ever hear a busy tone ever with this feature.

There are more features that can be useful to your business, but these two would be the most significant when it comes to supporting your toll free numbers.

Build a Website

It is the age of Information where you can get solutions to almost any question as long as you understand how to Google. Everybody gets their information online so if you do not have your own website, you are seriously outdated, particularly for a business who's attempting to penetrate the national market.

A website is much more than just an advertisement online. It's your profile. It will be the avenue that the customers will take if they wish to find out more about your company so ensure that it has related and persuasive content.
Note that it is preferable if your domain name is also your business name.

Get a business email

Lastly, since you already have a website, you and your employees should also have an email that ends with @yourbusiness/domainname.com (or.net, .info). Using free email accounts from Google or Yahoo will impact your credibility because it will not have the "official" look. Furthermore, since anybody can make a Gmail account, if you use it, there is a big chance that your email will probably be mistaken as a scam.

Phone system, website and official business email. Combined with your toll free number, you are now able to take on the national market.

Find out more on how advance toll free numbers can improve your business. We also provide useful information regarding business phone systems as well as VoIP service providers that will help your business with its communication needs.