A recent plan to hire an ad agency is now said to have cancelled as the commissioners of the Lane county board voted to continue their relations with the travel Lane County for the same cost. This news came on Tuesday which also suggested that this is now the sole recipient of the county’s tourism marketing money for the next three years. In the process the commissioners even managed to receive a recommendation from the county advisory committee in order to divide the $1.7 million contract annually which would result in 500,000 dollar contract with vertic, a digital advertising firm in New York and the remaining 1.2 million dollars being awarded to the travel Lane County. 

Another study revealed that most of the company’s marketing funds came from assessed room tax which is imposed on hotel visitors. Many proposals have also been sought by the company on how the marketing money should be spent actually. Commissioner Pat Farr also reported that this extension contract with Travel Lane County will bring about some serious adjustments in advancing technology. According to Commissioner Pete Sorenson this innovative idea of alternatives is a good one and also suggested that working with the existing structure could prove beneficial. 

However news of criticism has been reported after this change in decision was taken public via an email by travel Lane County president Kari Westlund. A huge turnout of 6 people was also seen during the board’s discussion on the topic. Jeff Morton of Incline hotel management and a County member also added that this was one of the many ways to get the crowd at one place. While on the other hand Commissioner Jay Bozeivich also put forth his opinion that there is still room for improvement. To get more insights on the topic visit http://thewallacebrooklyn.com and get to know about directory submission.