The United States of America, March 19, 2014: Looking as one desire to look is everyone’s birth-right. Though looking exactly like the dream avatar is not possible, Ada Lashes & Locks provides such beauty services that can make ladies of all ages look as best as possible. Certain services of Ada are available for men too. The standard of the cosmetic service provider at Ada is evident from the fact that the beauty service provider is based in New York City, which is considered as one of the few fashion hubs hotspots in the World. Beauty services offered at Ada Lahses & Locks include cosmetic makeup, hair extensions, eyelashes, tanning and eyebrows. 

Ada Lashes & Locks is owned and run by Ada, who is extensively qualified experienced in the field. She graduated in Cosmetology and Aesthetics from different renowned institutes in New York and extended her expertise with hair extension eyelashes certifications. Moreover, she has up to 11 years of experience in different services. However, her qualification and experience are not the only attributes that make Ada Lashes & Locks ultimate for eyelash extensions NYC. She is an ardent follower of naturopath and that exhibits from her as well as workers at the cosmetic parlor. 

The core principle of Ada Lashes & Locks is business for making women feel good and confident about them when they stand in front of mirror. The idea of upgrading the mentality of ladies regarding themselves by enhancing their aesthetics is the distinction between the company and most other parlors in the city. Eyelash extensions are provided by many and all claim to be expert too. While Ada is certainly qualified and experienced, she commands superiority over most of her competitors due to her ideology and dedication, which reflect on her as well as the parlor. Ada Lashes & Locks is popular with MTV VIP, Fitness Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Vanity Fair Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Dania Ramirez and more. People can visit her website at and know more about the services. 

Hair extensions are among the fastest popularizing beauty treatment in the World. Weft application, Keratin bond technique and Micro Cylinder Hair technique are used at Ada Lashes & Locks. The extensions are made of genuine human hair from India, Ukraine and Europe. Such extensions need little care and can last up to 12 months. Similar to hair extensions NYC, eyelash extensions are gaining popularity too. In addition to celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, etc. women in corporate industry are investing to look impressive and at par with their position. In fact, even housewives opt for eyelash and eyebrow treatment as well as tanning for special occasions. Thus, apart from the outfit, Ada Lashes & Locks takes care of essential beauty requirement of women. 

About Ada Lashes & Locks: 


Ada Lashes & Locks is a beauty service parlor in New York City. The company provides hair extension, eyelash extension, eyebrow treatment, cosmetic makeup and tanning. Only natural and approved procedures are adopted by the beauticians at the parlor.