Boise, Idaho — is pleased to announce the launch of Adam Spiel's new video training 3X Facebook Formula that teaches the principles of leveraging and using Facebook ads for business owners.

Spiel stated,In the current economy, business owners are looking for new ways to generate new leads and new clients, but many have struggled to find profitable paid advertising that brings in new customers consistently on a daily basis. With Facebook ads, business owners are able to target their specific ideal customers in a way that is easy to setup with low budget initially and an advertising platform that is easy to scale.His Winning Facebook Formula program consists of 8 weekly trainings that Spiel claims will generate new business drastically and add huge revenue to the bottom line of any business.

Adam Spiel has already been hired by numerous companies to work with them to double and triple their revenue using scalable marketing systems with Facebook ads. The 3X Facebook Formula focuses on the 2 critical elements that need to be in place in order for most businesses to scale and grow.

#1: High quality, converting, targeted traffic that allows you to spend money to generate new clients on a consistent basis.

#2: The systems that will manage, track, and convert those potential clients into high-paying customers who keep coming back over and over again.

Spiel went on to say, “Facebook ads help business owners combine both of these critical business building elements to create a true winning formula.

When asked to describe how his clients have generated new leads and business in such a short period of time, Spiel states, My best clients are smart and savvy business owners who already offer great products and services. Once I can help show them how to setup the right systems and campaigns to help them profitably bring more qualified prospects and clients on a daily basis using Facebook ads, the sky is the limit.

Adam Spiel has spoken and traveled all over the world and coached tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to achieve results and success with their businesses online. To learn more about the 3X Facebook Formula you can access a FREE video case study training found at

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