There can be nothing better than a timber flooring that can add to the gleam while embellishing a commercial or personal property. Timber flooring is similar to wood flooring however the simple difference is that a timber floor is made using a recycled or reclaimed wood products. Timber flooring is desired for weathered look it is one of the reason why timber floor is popular for many home owners and that is the remarkable aspect of its charm and rare ancient graffiti also add to the visual appeal of a genuine wooden floor. These timber floorings come in a variety of colors and shades from light coffee to dark or rich chocolate. The most commonly found woods in timber flooring are white and red oak. Using timber flooring is beneficial as they are environment and ecofriendly. 

At timber flooring king, they have a large number of experts who help in making provisions that will suit the lifestyle, budget and style of the people. Blending the natural charm of the hard wood flooring with the sturdy as nail surface, the timber flooring is ideal for both commercial and housing purposes. The company offers recycled flooring in many spheres. A beautiful and sturdy wood flooring is a strong selling aspect as it offers the home a considerable competitive edge and a wow factor. When timber is used in combination with modern man made materials like large expanses of glass and stainless steel, it creates a remarkable contrast. This type of flooring is one of the most essential design components in personal as well as commercial property. Regardless of a person’s lifestyle, timber flooring adds comfort and value to any décor.

These type of floorings are easy to maintain and clean. It is also easy and comfortable to walk on. They are sturdy and give a touch of elegance in our room. Since it comes in many different shades and colors, we can choose those colors that will complement the color of the walls. It adds to the décor of any room and offer timeless beauty. For more information please visit