Are you looking for a great water filter that can effectively remove contaminants from your home’s water supply turning it safe for use? If so, you can consider purchasing a whole house carbon water filter. The whole house carbon water filters scrub the water and make it free of impurities. Though a bit expensive, these filters are worth the investment. Get these water filtration devices and enjoy treated, germ-free water through your water filter faucets, showers, and sinks.


The whole house carbon water filters are the larger variation of the pour-through carbon filters that you come across in the malls and supermarkets. These water filtration devices are categorized into three types. They include granular (GAC), catalytic carbon, and activated carbon block. A filter that comes with granular activated carbon (GAC) has the ability to eliminate organic chemicals from water. It is also capable of removing chemicals like chlorine or hydrogen sulfide offering bad odor and taste to water. A filter with activated carbon block possesses a bigger surface area and it is capable to eliminating more amount if contaminants from water. Catalytic carbon water filters are made to maximize elimination of compounds like trihalomethanes from the water.


How do the whole house carbon water filters work? These filters are attached to the chief water line of a house. The water coming to the house travels through the filter prior to getting routed to the bathrooms and water filter faucets. The whole house carbon water filters usually come with 2 canisters. They usually have 2 canisters.  Water first passes through one canister and then through the other. Finally, the water is examined by the sampling ports after it passes through both the filters. Generally, the more time the water remains in contact with the carbon and the greater its surface area, the more contaminants can be removed.


Like most of the water filters, the activated carbon needs to be replaced on periodic basis. You need to know about how long your filter has been installed. You also need to make sure that it is properly maintained.


Now, let us discuss about the benefits that you can enjoy by purchasing whole house carbon water filters. These water filtration devices enable you to get clean and purified water all the time. The water offered by these machines is great to taste. The filtration units, as stated earlier, eliminate harmful contaminants restoring the beneficial minerals of water. You can get this clean and our water wherever you want at your home. You can use the water offered by a whole house carbon filter for drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking, and bathing.


Installation of a whole house carbon filter is not easy. You need to avail professional help to get the device installed at your home. The professional installation specialists will be able to complete the installation process efficiently within a short span of time. For purchasing a high-quality water filter and water filter faucets, you should visit a reliable online store having a rich collection of the whole house carbon filters.



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