Brazil - In 2014 World Cup of Brazil, there is no one who could think that the Brazilian team only got fourth ranking in this World Cup game. This bombing news has not only filled with these Brazilian team fans but also the let the Brazil team Cheap Soccer Boots and soccer jerseys sponsors Nike become very down.

Of course, there will be eventually winners and losers on the court. On the other hand, these outside the stadium also have winner and losers. Two semi-finals can be seen as showdown between sponsors Nike and Adidas. Eventually, the Nike sponsorship in the 2014 World Cup had been stopped by Adidas. Adidas became the last laugh winner.

The editor from famous Football Boots 2014 online store said that the Nike already sponsored tem teams among these Brazil World Cup finals 32 teams. These ten teams are Brazil, Netherlands, France, the United States, Croatia, South Korea, Australia, Portugal, Greece and England. Nike already targeted their goal to the largest share of the market but also the host of Brazil sits. They must have full confidence before the beginning of this year’s World Cup.

Furthermore, Nike’s competitor Adidas had sponsored nine football teams in this year’s Brazil World Cup. These nine teams are Argentina, Spain, Germany, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Colombia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the tragic of Brazil team losing, Adidas official issued their opinion for this “certainly” result for the first time. There is no doubt that the Adidas defeated Nike and finally stood on the final podium.

It is indeed that the final result of this year’s World Cup in Brazil also confirms the prediction of Adidas official. The wonderful interpretation of the first ranking team and secondly ranking team let the ​​Adidas logo flying over the football playing fields. In this match that had been seen by people all over the world, the Adidas enjoyed their fully “human flesh” advertising. Of course, there is no rival of Nike . Nike also get very good advertising effect in the matching of the thirdly and fourthly ranking team.

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