Brazil - In addition to being the sports events which could attract the world¡¯s attention, the World Cup of football game is also the never-ending battle of these the Football Boots Sale brand. World Cup stage will determine the future trend of billions of dollars a year of the football equipment consumer market. So, these football boots and soccer jerseys brands such as Adidas, PUMA and Nike have to pick the team which will take part into this sports event before the beginning of World Cup.

The result of this year¡¯s Brazil World Cup is very amazing. However, the competition between the protagonists still belongs to Adidas and Nike. These several major traditions teams were being carved up. Nike bet to the national team of Brazil, Netherlands, France, Portugal and England. Adidas bet on Argentina, Spain and Germany which are three traditional powerhouse team and Adidas eventually win the contest with Nike camp.

While Adidas got his wish to become a successful World Cup season championship team sponsor, but their new cheap Nike Football Boots has been always suffered with the quality problems which already occurred before the opening of the World Cup of Brazil. These Brazil world cup sponsored products such as new football boots from Nike, Adidas, Puma and other first-tier international sports brand has included 81 percent of shoes and 35 percent of soccer jersey which have been found poison residues. The Adidas football boots contains highest PFOA exceeded nearly 15 times of the normally standard.

However, facing with such a sensitive time that is the Brazil World Cup, most of these vendors remain silent about this. However, by the influencing of ¡°quality gate¡±, many consumers cancel their purchase intention for their products such as football boots and soccer jerseys . However, in order to reach the better sale goal, the Adidas official issued a promise that they will abandon long chain of perfluorocarbon (PFC) to use at the late January 1, 2015. This should be very reassurance guarantee from these consumers who have long time support the Adidas brands.

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