Argentine — Currently, the editor from website which is the UK¡¯s famous online store for all kind of football boots such as Adidas Football Boots has said that the Adidas enterprise has officially announced the releasing of the new generation of f50 MESSI boots. From the viewing of this new football shoes on the website, people could find that the MESSI’s f50 which is the new generation of football boots has applied the bright color design which has been consisted by red flame, wild violet and dazzling white. However, design inspiration of this kind of Adidas Football Boots has been come from the Argentine national team¡¯s wild style of football playing.

This kind of new Adidas Football Boots which name is f50 MESSI will follow with MESSI for his each football battle and this football shoe will become the most shining star on the playground. If people want to have one pair of this new football shoe with suitable price, they could browse the website worldsoccer2014 which is the best online seller for football boots and this website would provide for people all kinds of Discount Football Boots.

The new shoe which name is f50 MESSI boot is the new generation products of boots of MESSI series. The world’s best footballer World Soccer 2014 whose name is Lionel MESSI will wear it to play on the football tournament which name is ¡°MESSI and his friends¡±. The colorful designation of the design of this football shoe is original from MESSI¡¯s playing character which is MESSI as quickly as flash. The performance of this football boot is also like the character of MESSI¡¯s football playing feature.

On the other hand, this new football shoe has the Adoption of brilliant red flames, wild violet and dazzling white which combination will make this shoe become the most shining element on the playing pitch. After the publishing of this kind of new Adidas Football Boots, MESSI will wear it to lead the legendary Argentine national team continues win victory in the international football matches.

The new MESSI f50 has already applied the evolutionary technology and exquisite design process in every aspect. It could largely enhance the running and ball speed after wearing for this kind of new Adidas Football Boots. This kind of advantage will let football players who wear this shoe leave all opponents far behind. From the detailed data, the weight of this shoe is only 165 grams which is the lightest Adidas football boot.

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