French — Recently, the famous Adidas join with the French football club Marseille to together launch their fourth soccer jersey in this playing season. This series of jersey is used for this team to play in the French Cup and French League Cup of this season. The team Marseille will first wear this new series of jersey to play with the famous Toulouse team in the League Cup knockout round at the middle of next month. If people are interested with this famous French football team Marseille and their new release football jerseys, please visit website www which is the professional online seller for all kinds of cheap soccer jerseys and other cheap sport Jerseys.

This kind of new series of Jersey could fully show with people the Brazil element. As all of football fans know, Brazil would be the venue for the 2014 World Cup in the summer of next year. At that time, this country will become the focus of the world. From showing for this new series of jersey for the famous French Marseille, people could find the symbolic combination of blue and green which could stand for Marseille. The yellow color on this jersey could be the symbol of Brazil. The combination of these colors and other special design could be the emphasizing for the similarities between Marseille and Brazil, which are the warm climate and the same passion for football. It is indeed that French and Brazil should be the world strongest country for football playing.

In addition to the color and appearance of this jersey, there are also some advantageous cheap sport Jerseys performances and features for this newly released soccer jerseys for team Marseille. This new Adidas jersey¡¯s fabrics have already applied the latest and most professional performance technology. It could be regarded as the lightest soccer jersey of Adidas. The weight of this new publishing jersey has been reduced by 40 percent comparing with other jersey. The mesh and holes design for each shoulder of this new releasing jersey has also largely reduced the weight of the fabric and it has also enhanced the breathability of this cloth.

Maybe people have already been fully attracted by the good performance of this newly published soccer jersey. Actually, the performance of this football jersey is indeed very good and the test wearing of some famous strikers in team Marseille has already proved the high quality and comfortable wearing feeling of this jersey. If people want to experience this football apparel, please visit website

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