China - As the classic series of Adidas soccer shoe, the Adidas Predator series football boots has been accepted by these football fans and players worldwide. This year is the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Adidas Predator football shoes. As the new released Adidas Predator shoe Predator Instinct in 2014, this shoe could be regarded as the 14th generation products of this series. When the Predator ushered in the occasion of the birth of 20 years, a big ceremony event has been held in Beijing. During this event, famous China football player Li Weifeng and Adidas soccer products manager began very remarkable exchanging with these Adidas soccer shoes collectors and they together recollect the20 years of the classic course of the Predator football shoes. Now, this article from the official blog of famous sportscleatsus online seller will introduce with people the details of this event.

In this event, the China football player Li Weifeng expressed than he is always the big supporter for the Predator series of soccer shoes. The Predator football boots also accompanied him throughout his career and he experienced a period of classic moment. When it refers to Adidas Predator, Li Weifeng said:¡± The Predator in my heart is not just a pair of football shoes. From other side, this shoe is just like my brother and has been fighting together with me for so many years. This year¡¯s new Predator soccer shoes return to the classic black and red color so I also hope that the Predator can help me in the upcoming games.¡±

The other China football player whose name is Fan Zhiyi also said that:¡± Our professional players have a word that should be best description for the Adidas Predator that each player can put one it and then directly to play the game. However, the wearing many other kind of cheap soccer cleats needs a process of adaptation but the Predator is not required. The comfort and stability from this shoe could give each player one kind of a special confidence.¡±

As the introduction of the famous cheap soccer cleats online seller, Adidas Predator should be one of the most important soccer shoes in the history of Adidas. It is a landmark masterpiece. In order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the launching of Predator football shoes, Adidas will launch 14 styles of Predator Instinct during this year, which will create the related Predator Instinct series . The new Predator which returns to the traditional red and black color will certainly leave an important mark in the history of the Predator soccer shoe.


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