UK - With the development of the new technology, there is more and more high tech elements which have been added into today¡¯s football boots. Recently, one news from the online blog of famous cheap adidas football boots online seller show with people one series of new Adidas Adizero F50 football boots which have integrated the new version of technology that could help each cothat could help each coach and football player largely improve their playing skills on the ach and football player largely improve their playing skills on the playing ground.

As all of Adidas football boots fans know, Adidas released their interesting adizero F50 football boots which support the function of miCoach at 2011. This year¡¯s world cup in Brazil should be the first appearance of this high tech football shoes. In a word, the ost featured factor of this new shoe should be the specially designed grooves in the sole where could place the miCoach speed sensor.

As the introduction of editor from this cheap adidas football boots online seller, the miCoach speed sensor could totally capture the 360 degrees of player movement. This device could greatly record speed, average speed, maximum speed, sprint times, moving distance, the moving distance of the high intensity training level, pace, stride rate and other factors. This device could store up to 7 hours motion data and information and people could also transmit these data to a computer by the method of wirelessly. These movement data could help the players and coaches precise analysis their performance on the football playing ground.

In order to enhance the services quality of the miCoach sensor into the cheap Adidas football boots, the Adidas development team also creates the related miCoach Smart Ball. This kind of high tech football has been placed one high quality built in sensors. This device can record ball position, velocity, rotation speed and the ball flight trajectory. These data could be sent to the specific mobile applications through built-in Bluetooth 4.0 chip. The coached and players can develop their own training objectives and improve their playing skills based on these data and information.

However, the quickly developing modern technologies will still have more integration with today¡¯s football boots industry. This new Adidas high tech soccer shoe which has been described before is only a example for this new trend . In the near future, each football fans will witness more and more wonderful changing and development for the football shoe. If people want to purchase the cheap Adidas football boots, please do not hesitate to get contact with famous online store by the following information.


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