Adrenaline rush in Ninja Warrior


The adventure takes a nose dive into danger this week on Ninja warrior as the contestants get better and the challenges get tougher. The show gets even more exciting when our very own Javed Jafri takes the viewers through a whirlwind journey where participants will perform the most amazing stunts and overcome obstacles that one cannot imagine! The engaging oration that he entices the audiences with is commendable. One is forced to leave all aside and watch the breath taking stunts backed by a zealous commentary.


Catch the most daring contestants achieve remarkable feats and create records, all accentuated with the multi-talented Javed Jaffrey’s hilarious and terrific commentary. Here only the daring survive! Beef up your weekend with excitement, thrill and lots of laughter with the Ninja Warrior!



Catch Javed Jafrion the Ninja Warrior on Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 10 am only on Hungama TV



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