You know the score by now; the phenomenal growth in popularity, hitting the MTV, BBC, and VH1 playlists around the world and storming the rock industry with flair and finesse, Adry’s new single “Place” delivers on so many levels.

Running parallel to the single’s release, Adry has been playing to crowds around Europe, hitting Berlin and London last month in sell-out shows. The tour encapsulates everything that Adry’s about: energy, hard-work and music that will send your senses into overload! The tour will continue at different venues across 4 continents so be sure to check out and snap up tickets for the upcoming shows, details of which can be found at Recorded at Scene Records, with mastering completed at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Lyrics written and Music produced by Adry.

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Adry is a producer as well as a singer/songwriter. He became the lead vocalist of a rock band as a teenager, and played guitar and bass to the sounds of music and lyrics that he himself wrote. The originality that spans through these stylistic techniques is encouraging and motivating. With sounds that are infused by inspirations such as Nirvana and John Lennon of The Beatles. His first album Rule of Sadness, was released in 2009; with over thirty thousand Internet downloads, Adry became an instant hit. Since then, he has been performing in clubs all over the world and gaining a sense of self-awareness as an artist.

Don’t miss his new album "Notes", available November 2014!

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