Would you like to be more admired by the opposite gender, have more self-esteem and benefit from a higher degree of success in your professional life? A person's look is very important, both in their personal and professional life. It is widely known that people who look good have more friends, better jobs and a higher self-confidence.

If you want to eliminate all your frustrations related to the way your buttock looks, just consider bioplasty. This is a relatively new procedure that can literally transform your behind into a work of art. This procedure means injecting Metacrill, a safe substance, into a person's buttocks, encouraging thus tissue growth.

This substance enters the human body through the buttock injections performed by certified cosmetic surgeons. After a thorough examination, the surgeon decides on the areas where the substance will be injected. There should be mentioned that these areas differ from a patient to another, depending on their particular case.

Bioplasty comes with numerous advantages. The first one, which was already mentioned, is that this procedure is performed only by certified surgeons. In other words, you do not have to worry that a non-qualified person will inject a certain substance into your body, substance that sometimes could do you wrong.

The second advantage is that these buttock injections use a safe filling substance, Metacrill. Besides being a safe product, this substance also lasts for a lot of time, up to 7 years. Moreover, the product is biodegradable and when it starts to degrade itself, it is rapidly replaced by new tissue.

Metacrill is also biocompatible and does not migrate from one area of the buttocks to another one, causing bumps. As long as the product is used in a percent that takes into consideration factors like the patient's gender, their weight, height, and medical conditions, the outcome will be more than satisfactory.

Another advantage of this butt augmentation procedure is represented by an immediate recovery time. Just like injections with other substances, so Metacrill injections do not cause too much pain. Patients may desire to rest horizontally on their abdomen for several minutes, but no more than five or so.

This type of butt augmentation performed by certified cosmetic surgeons does not put patients in danger, because everything is very well controlled and calculated, from the area where the biocompatible filler will be injected to the dosage of this substance. These butt shots do not contain silicone, but a substance that offers a better look to your buttocks and more confidence to you.


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