You might suspect that you are carrying the HIV virus because you are se xually active and have had unprotected se x with not just one partner.  But you are not experiencing any symptoms of STD, so you begin to assume that you are “clean”. This is not right.  Every individual shows STD symptoms differently, for some, symptoms may show up only gradually.  You might have an infection, but you may not be aware that you already have this STD.


Going to typical STD testing centers can cause people to get stressed because there are privacy and confidentiality issues involved.  This is one reason why you can just not be that comfortable in going to a free clinic or a public place like a state hospital.  Well, you can opt to have yourself tested in a private STD testing facility.  If you are brave enough to take the stigma and discrimination associated with this kind of testing, you can choose the facility that is close to your residence.  This facility should, however offer the confidentiality that you require.


The whole world should not know that you are being tested. When you come into the STD testing center, you can talk with the testing counselor and choose the best test that’s right for you. Having the most comprehensive tests in this private STD testing facility makes sense, because the test to be conducted will be for more than one infection/disease at a time.  It is a fast and easy process, so you can be in and out of the clinic in just a matter of minutes.


You can also have your private STD testing online. Today, you can purchase through the Internet a home STD test kit.  With this kit, you can mail in your blood sample to a designated laboratory for their staff to test it. The results will be available in a few days and the STD testing center website will deliver it to you through mail.  This method does not require you to go to a health clinic or a hospital to get tested for STD.  It’s remarkable how a lot of people are purchasing this kit from the internet and getting tension-free about their condition.


With a private STD testing center, you do not need to make an appointment with the doctor; there are thousands of STD testing centers located throughout the country.  You never have to deal with any sort of embarrassment, as testing takes only about 5 minutes and blood testing is done for many reasons. People wouldn’t know why you are there, as blood tests are even required to find out whether you got lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc. too.


More importantly, the tests offered in the private centers are the same tests that are done in brick and mortar hospitals and doctors’ clinics.  These centers are working in collaboration with the nation’s most respected and largest diagnostic laboratories to make certain that they are giving you the most accurate results. The tests in these centers are either FDA approved or CLIA-certified.  You can opt for this test, if you are looking for the most sophisticated method of screening for se xually transmitted infections.



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