30 August, 2013: A marketing revolution driven by data is transforming how the data companies work. 

Companies like Merkle and Epsilon are now building and buying technologies that will help them in advertising as well as impart them digital marketing capabilities that range from mobile app development to ad targeting. 

The CEO and chairman of Merkle, David Williams was heard saying that they see more competition from firms that provide professional services than before and today Merkle considers IBM and Accenture as their competitors. This shift in business strategy is the result of a net growth of 78% in the company’s revenue in the last six months. 

Meanwhile, Epsilon which is a technology and data related firm is venturing into marketing by acquiring companies like Hyper Marketing and Aspen. These two companies provide retail, social and mobile agency service and email marketing, creative as well as loyalty services respectively. Epsilon’s agency business showed a growth of more than a double in the second quarter. 

Other competitors like Acxicom and Experian are also pumping their dollars into digital targeting technologies and other agency services. one can acquire more knowledge about these companies and their latest developments through directory submission in http://iiec2013.com 

However, clients might not switch to data companies when they need agency services, according to senior analysts at Forrester Research. As told by Fatemeh Khatibloo, Senior Analyst at F.R. the data firms might face difficulties in hiring and attracting the right talents and thus they might end up disappointing clients if they do not get the desired results at the end of the day.