(Free Press Release) Want accurate and detailed Structural plan engineering drawings that meet all your specifications and standards?

At CAD Outsourcing Services firm, we can produce easy-to-understand Structural plans for Reinforced Concrete, Wood and Structural Steel construction projects at affordable cost. We specialize in simple and complex projects of all sizes - be it Residential home, 2-3 storey apartments, Institutional facilities, Commercial units and many more.

Get complete Structural engineering consultancy for:

  • Structural plans, details & specifications
  • Structural plan drawings in CAD
  • Structural key plans & Elevations
  • 3D Modeling
  • Permission & Presentation drawings
  • Preliminary cost estimation
  • CADD Shop drawing review
  • Construction documentation
  • Reinforced Concrete (RCC) details
  • Structural Steel details
  • Related engineering drawings

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As input we require hand-drawn sketches, CAD files or architectural plans to prepare mark-up plans for your comments and approval. If you send us your mark-up plans then we can render necessary details for engineering & construction. All our drawings comply to specific local standards such as IS, CISC, AISC, ACI, AASHTO, BS or any specific standard of your choice.

You can upload your plans, sketches or details on our secure FTP server (accessible 24X7) and can download all the completed drawings to keep your construction documents always up-to-date.

While fulfilling various CAD and Engineering needs for construction projects, we strive to exceed in your expectations through timely delivery of drawings, effective communication, established processes and focus on the structural design.

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