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As many small and medium businesses cut corners when it comes to pallet racking, Avatan are keen to provide an alternative option which could help businesses cut their spending without reducing their safety.

Middlesex, United Kingdom, September 2nd, 2010 - Small businesses, medium businesses, and even industrial warehouses all need to consider the type of pallet racking used very carefully. Unfortunately in some cases it has been identified that particularly small and medium businesses have been cutting corners when it comes to choosing pallet racking, basing the decisions solely on cost alone. Whilst it is clear that the cost of pallet racking bills have to be a factor that is taken into consideration, it is essential to make sure that the pallet racking chosen offers the flexibility, versatility and affordability which will be required to ensure the safety of both the products and staff in the area. Avatan in this regard offers a complete package.

The pallet racking solutions available from Avatan (http://www.avatan.co.uk) not only provide a wealth of options for small, medium and even large warehouses, but with a range of solutions that can be provided either brand new or second hand. There are significant savings to be made based on the choices most suited to the needs of the business. For small and medium businesses stocking only small or light weight products and goods the pallet racking required may not need to be of a high weight bearing strength.

However for large warehouses or businesses which require the stocking of heavy or large items, cantilever pallet racking from Avatan offers an alternative which provides a very high level of durability and reliability. Because much of the pallet racking available from Avatan can be purchased as either new or second hand, those businesses working on a tight budget can still take advantage of the high quality pallet racking available without cutting corners which could also result in cutting the safety and reliability of the pallet racking used.

For more information about Avatan or to browse their range of pallet racking solutions that are available, visit their website at http://www.avatan.co.uk/all-new-pallet-racking.html

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