06, January 2015: In response to the growing demand of apartments by student, there is a housing facility which caters affordable accommodation. The growing trend among students is being budget conscious. The fall of 2013 can attribute to this changes, it was in this time when students have become aware on how their families went into debt just to pay for college dorm rentals. In a survey conducted, 69% of the respondents have agreed that staying in apartments is more convenient than staying in dormitories.

Student houses Portsmouth offers affordable accommodation especially to international exchange students who are away from their families and are looking for comfort zones abroad. There are some recommendations as to how to choose the best housing facilities with an affordable budget. Here are the following:

Students must make sure that they are provided with complete facilities. Bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen should be available. These facilities must be clean. The area must be conducive for learning. It must have a study area where students are veered away from any noise or distractions. Check also that the house has signals for mobile connection. A wi-fi zone is preferred.

It is important to maintain a good neighborhood. The house should be accessible to police station, fire station, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls,etc. This will provide convenience for students.

It is important to do inspections before entering any contract. Check if all the bills are paid. Have some time to assess the inventory report of the apartment so that every condition of the house is evaluated. Make sure that your parents or your guardians are the guarantors in the contact. Have a clear negotiation as to the payment method. If possible, ask for possible discounts and negotiations during semestral or summer break. Take down the meter readings on the day that you started renting so that you won’t pay any previous electric bill.

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