(Free Press Release) Need niche information or web content for your new website or marketing research?

We at OWR Services firm specializes in providing comprehensive services in the area of Web data extraction, Web mining, Screen scrapping and Online data entry management that greatly benefit our clients globally. We can extract website URLs, field texts, email addresses, numerals, pictures and other information with faster turnaround times.

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We have substantial expertise in:

  • Web Data Mining
  • Web Data extraction
  • Screen scrapping
  • Website scrapping
  • Tracking, extracting information/raw data from a screen/website
  • Email database collection and Mailing list creation
  • Present data in excel, access, MySQL tables, comma delimited or text
  • Web Research
  • Data Cleansing & Validation
  • Online Form data entry & Submission
  • Miscellaneous web extraction services

Variety of data outputs available in:

  • Excel, CSV, Tab limited files
  • Text files, flat files
  • Database format
  • Any format of your choice

We perform a preliminary analysis of your requirements to understand the data structure in detail. As per the specifications we harvest the raw data from various resources and return them in MS Excel, SQL server tables, CSV or text files. Our trained staff continues to liaise with you for instructions, status updates ensuring timely deliverables.

Our team can deliver your required data quickly, just the way you wish.

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