Sheung Wan, Hong Kong; 03, July 2015: For women looking for unique dresses and accessories, Africanpremier has exceptional quality fabrics with impressive prints and designs. The Chinese manufacturer has been dealing in African textile and fabrics, and they recently have added several customizable fabrics and accessories for the worldwide women. All African Fabrics feature beautiful figures and patterns and are available at highly affordable prices.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the new collection features fabrics with geometrical figures, animal designs, chocolate patterns, and other elegant designs. Women can choose fabrics from a range of new styles and patterns and can personalize their wardrobes with unique dresses and accessories.

Africanpremier also has a great range of Wax Fabrics that are made of the finest materials and showcase exclusive designs that can appeal to any woman. The wax print designs include Cotton Royal Blue Tassels, Square Woven Kente, Purple Star Patterns, Nigerian Cotton Fabric and several other exotic designs that are the exclusive offerings of Africanpremier. The spokesperson reveals that for each order over $100, one can also get amazing price discounts from them.

The spokesperson states that they have a premium quality Swiss Lace range for women who want to be the center of attraction during special occasions. Made of 100% cotton fabric with stunning embroidery and designs, all sophisticated laces are manufactured delicately at their own workshops to maintain the finest quality. Customers can choose from Champagne Lace Fabric, Yellow Floral Style Cotton Lace, Double French Organza Gold Lace, Exclusive Swiss Voile Lace and several other beautiful designs. Moreover, Africanpremier is offering 20-30% discounts on lace fabrics for customers to enjoy a great price saving.

Africanpremier is the largest manufacturer and supplier of African textiles with a huge range of customized fabrics in their portfolio. They keep bringing new designs, prints and patterns from time to time. To check the latest collection of African textiles and fabrics they have, one may visit their website

About Premieraprica International Trading Limited:

Africanpremier is a Chinese manufacturer that produces and deals with African fabrics since 2003. Africanpremier is specialized in premier, real wax, Wax Prints and various other West African fabrics. They have outlets in the UK and Africa, which are renowned worldwide for selling the highest quality fabrics at extremely competitive prices! This is due to the fact that they are one of the largest manufacturers and dealers of African fabrics in China and so they offer the lowest prices.

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Telephone: 86-21-20228200