Air Yeezy comes from Kayne West's infinitely creative passions, which embeds the creative element on Nike's designs and functions. According to the testing and adjustments of global different stages, it creates the original ENWON by integrating the typical element of the past to challenge the traditions. The grove design of ankle-protect collar particles provides stronger support and protection. These shoes are with supper thick insoles, forefoot support band and the originally functional elastic shoelace buckle. Even though these shoes follow the shoes-making process of 1987 NIKEAIR ASSAULT, it replaces the materials Phylon with PU materials to increase the performance and comfort of the shoes. The outsoles of updated style-NIKE AIR ASSAULT have the characteristics of glow in the dark. The sport shoes will sparkle while the lights are turned off. The forefoot supported belt is made of high-graded synthetic leather and the seamless splicing technology. The whole splicing design makes the sport shoes neat and tidy. Expect the exerted exquisite stitching on the senior suede shoes tip. The unique ¡°Y¡± pictures of AIR YEEZY sneakers continually appear on the whole sport shoes; it should be either groove design or laser engraving.

The shoes body of AIR YEEZY is made of the senior leather and Ballistic nylon materials. Based on the apparent air cushion, snake scaled texture covered on vamp, yamagata armor of reptile on back, seamless Vac-tech of swoosh and the ancient hieroglyphs YZY words, the Air Yeezy covers the most styles' technology of Nike's subordinate brands.

Every design element of NIKE air yeezy 1 anthracite/black/light green shoes for sale 508214-006

runs through and shows the high technology and innovations. Untamped anim of manual cutting snake leather covers a quarter of the shoes body and create the NIKE logo by Vac-tech. The designing inspiration of spiked mould on the heel comes from the lizard, the adjustable Velcro on the shoes body also the same as the mould.

The designing inspiration of Nike Air Yeezy II comes from the basic style- Nike Air Yeezy 1 for sale in 2009, which referenced the cornerstone of basketball shoes in the 1980s. The Nike Air Yeezy II adopts the same outsoles of tennis shoes-- Nike Ai Tech Challenge II and Velcro-adjusted mould on the front shoes body, hereby attributing to the Nike classic cross training shoes. Nike Air Yeezy II has the incomparable performance, which omits the extra padding, the foot-binding tongue and the woolen welt brings sufficient comfort and breath ability. Fitting is the essence of shoes' designing. The designers strive to make the Nike Air Yeezy II more slender than Air Yeezy, which will be completely in conformity with Hip hop king---Kanye West

The lower welt makes the sports more flexible. Nike's persistence on the materials finally creates the Nike Air Yeezy II, which combines the synthetic leather, solid ballistic nylon and softer suede together. Low-profile but abundant designing drains the culture of ancient, including the pictograph ¡°YZY¡±velcro inside. The inspiration of two metal hoops is based on the Obelisk modeling, the serpentine elements shoe eye material and with the Rome numbers "II" cortical toggles.

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