26, October 2015: If we have a look at the history of human’s development, we will find developments are established on changes. The emergence of phone has changed people’s communication way, the emergence of internet has changed people’s way of getting information, and some other changes has taken happen in some sectors. It needs courage to make changes. The latest product of Airwheel - Airwheel annular electric scooter F3 shows the determination and courage to change people’s way of transport.


The first change Airwheel orbit electric unicycle F3 has make is that it adopts the creative orbit design, which shows the technology develops from addition to subtraction. Secondly, it has a hidden handle. The handle, which is made of elasticity polyurethane, is hidden inside the scooter body. When riders need to use the handle, they can press that part slight to make it pop up. This design is not only convenient but also to save space.

Annular electric unicycle F3 is both useful and beautiful. The silica gel protection pad of it can be changed. Riders can changes the pad according to their mood and clothing style. The colorful pad will certainly give the rider a good mood. The design of the protection pad accords with ergonomics, which is more humanized and smaller. The high quality leather texture increases friction, therefore, F3 is more sensitive than other products. Riders can easily control it.


What’s more, orbit electric scooter F3 adopts the PC+ABS mixed material double-shot molding technique. The orbit scooter body has a transparent shell. The PC+ABS mixed material allows it to have stronger heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact force resistance. This performance can not only protects the scooter body, but also make it more practical and unique.

Brave to make changes, Airwheel has launched its latest product Airwheel one wheel scooter F3. Useful, convenience and attractive, F3 will become a good new choice for riders.

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