14, October 2015: Airwheel believes that enterprisers should not only design and produce products for people, they must bring their products to people for their own purposes. Airwheel designs and produces its intelligent self-balancing scooters for detaching the tiredness from people.


Airwheel never just designed or produced products for selling. It always put the consumers’ benefits at the first position. So Airwheel tried to provide consumers with the most comfortable and convenient electric one wheel. Fortunately, it succeed. All Airwheel products can be the helpful and comfortable vehicles for people.

The comfort and convenience of Airwheel scooters come from the ideas and advanced technologies in designing Airwheel intelligent scooters. Airwheel intelligent scooters, also named as electric self-balancing scooters, were firstly developed to the tiny yet helpful vehicles for people who have suffered a lot from the terrible traffic problems. So all Airwheel vehicles have the compact designs in which all the top-quality vehicle units are all installed in small vehicle bodies. So the great portability of Airwheel vehicles makes the traditional vehicles “suffer”. Even the largest product series—S series two-wheeled intelligent scooters, are small and strong enough to be rode on any roads people can walk, like the wood roads, stairs and small slope roads where traditional vehicle are not suitable sometimes.

For more convenience and comfort to consumers, Airwheel has been trying to perfect every detail of its products. The most important part of Airwheel scooters is the built-in operating system. For all intelligent functions of these vehicles, the built-in operating system is just like the brain. And because of the operating system, riders can control the vehicles easily by just tilting the body towards the direction they want. Besides these core vehicle units, Airwheel also works hard to improve the products in every detail like the ergonomic seat on the Airwheel A3 sitting-posture intelligent scooters. The seats of A3 are adjustable and fit to all sitting postures of riders.


For Airwheel, there is no perfect but better products in designing intelligent scooters. Ride Airwheel vehicles to detach the tiredness and inconvenience from the city life!

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