27, October 2016: Intelligent, fancy, low-carbon and eco-friendly, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is popular with fans from various countries across the world in recent years. An increasing number of people take notice of this green and fashionable way of commuting and join electric scooter users.

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A couple of years ago, Airwheel got its first try-out of design notion in X3, and made a splash. Following this successful momentum, Airwheel rolled out other models of X-series. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters sell well at home and abroad and are always popular with users from different countries. Airwheel mini electric scooter has swept the globe by virtue of its vogue and gorgeousness, which is reported by various TV stations in different countries.


With an in-depth understanding of attitude control theory, software algorithm, and gyroscope systems, Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter has incorporated these theories and systems to develop the X-, Q-, S- and A-series vehicles. Riders can balance by leaning forward and backward to control the vehicle as it accelerates, decelerates, and brakes. People can ride it through rough and rugged roads, not only to see unparalleled beautiful scenery at the end, but also to experience sweets and bitters during the journey.


8Airwheel applies magnetic levitation motor. Instead of bearing motor, it suspends the rotor by magnetic force. This design extends the service life and reduces the noise to the lowest point. The noise it makes is equivalent to the sound of turning pages, which is much lower than air-conditioner at your home. People can ride Airwheel intelligent electric scooter to many quiet places, such as library, museum or office and so on. Airwheel is always popular overseas, with frequent feedbacks from distributors from various countries. Airwheel spares no efforts to provide users with superior riding experience. Easy and happy riding is the exact original intention of Airwheel.


After connecting the app with the scooter, users can monitor all the data of the vehicle via the app and adjust the vehicle condition on the phone. With comfortability in mind, Airwheel electric folding bike shares it care with understanding its customer’s interactions and experiences with its products. Through such measures, Airwheel makes every effort toward continuous improvement with heavy consideration of customer’s opinions and relations. The results — a product based on consumer expectations.

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