26, October 2015: Nowadays, as social competition is increasingly fierce, people’s work pressure is growing. They’re too wrapped up in their day-to-day struggles to ignore many things surrounding them. Arthur is one of these hard-working white-collar workers. Since he owned an Airwheel maple electric skateboard M3, he has been set free from the boring life.


Arthur has worked in a software house for nearly 3 years. Although he was promoted to be the head of the technical department, he was not satisfied with his present situations. He became lazier and fatter. Owing to the busy job, he had to work overtime and ate fast food in the office. After work, he used to go to sleep as soon as reaching home. Less communications happened between Arthur and his friends. They are all busy with making money. In a sunny Sunday afternoon, Arthur went home after finishing an urgent case. On the street, he saw a group of people were playing skateboards together. They were energetic and young. Arthur looked down at his thicker waist and felt so depressed. He missed the wonderful time that he played skateboards with his friends. He missed the past slim figure and colorful youth. He realized he could not live this way any more. Then he went to a sports store and bought an Airwheel wireless remote control skateboards M3. Since Airwheel M3 can also be used as a vehicle, it is very suitable for white-collar workers.


Now, the Airwheel complete skateboard M3 has become Arthur’s best partner. He often calls some friends and practices some skateboarding skills together at leisure time. On weekdays, instead of taking public vehicles, Arthur slides to work with Airwheel M3. M3 is equipped with double battery groups and dual battery protection boards. So he has no need to worry about power failures on the half road. Airwheel electric skateboards M3 helps busy people regain the joys of youth.

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