27, October 2016: In accordance with the technology innovation and service innovation exhibiting in the internal management and external service, Airwheel mini electric scooter always plays a role as a leader and sever in the international market. Its stability and good performance have already won itself good reputation among customers.

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For those used-be bicycle fanciers, they might as well try another vehicle that can provide them with a more enjoyable and special ride. It is Airwheel. Compared with traditional vehicles, cyclists are likely to fall in love with riding Airwheel electric scooter since it is more enjoyable and interesting. Some riders want to keep healthy and do more exercises to keep fit, but they feel running very boring and exhaustive, so they give up easily. Comparatively, riding Airwheel looks very fashionable and cool, and they feel happy when riding the Airwheel. They will consume much energy but do not feel tiredness or unhappiness since they consider riding the scooter a way of entertainment instead of exercising and losing weight, so they easily lose weight and keep healthy by riding the Airwheel happily.


The high-tech intelligent chip makes operation of the Airwheel folding electric bike easier and it also provides protection of speed control. It will automatically keep the riding speed in the safest range to protect riders. Speed can bring joy to people but also bring hidden insecurity. Since the invention of mini electric scooter, Airwheel electric walkcar has laid great emphasis on safety measures. Riding Airwheel, your safety is highly ensured. In cases of low power, fast speed or over 45°tilt, the device will give warnings and activate protection measures to keep you safe.


Of course, some of the cyclists may be advocates of a low-carbon and eco-friendly lifestyle. Well, Airwheel can absolutely fulfill their wishes with its advanced design and energy-saving setting. According to some relevant statistical reports, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter only consumes a little for a long range. Besides, since it is powered by electricity, it won’t cause any air pollution to the environment. Moreover, thanks to its special design, it doesn’t take the riders much effort to ride the vehicle.


On that account, Airwheel fast electric scooter is rather suitable for those who are usually busy working and yet have limited energy to experience the fun of riding.

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