20, August 2015: A3’s new era is coming, along with various breakthrough technologies. Now, the editor will show the reader several brilliant characters of A3, please follow the editor closely.


1. Original li-ion battery core. Promisingly, A3’s strong power capacity will guarantee a content range, and the secret is Sony lithium-ion battery, which is powerful enough to support a long-distance trip for riders.Thanks to this 520wh battery, the riding range can reach about 25km on the basis of 1kwh when fully charged. Besides, the life span of the battery is 3.8 times longer than traditional scooter battery and the working life is 2.9 times longer, which is still guaranteed to be uninflammable and non-explosive.

2. Music assistant. Young people nowadays are normally pretty into pop music and they often require music to company their journey when driving or riding. Fortunately, A3 has already put this requirement into consideration. This electricself-balancing scooter is equipped with a built-in sound system, which can certainly guarantee the tone quality of music. In addition, the sound will be connected with the cell phone through Bluetooth and riders can enjoy music of their cell phones.

3. Vehicle with data cloud and APP. The built-in intelligent chip collects all the data of the electric scooter which are transmitted wirelessly to the smart phone where calculations and analysis are made by Airwheel APP and the visual data feedback is shown to the user in real-time. As a result of that, people can control A3 such as turning on lights, locking and unlocking, GPS and so on at their fingertip via APP.


4. Super safety. Airwheel intelligent scooter A3 still adopts aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system, which together will protect the rider’s safety in technological aspect. For instance, when the speed of a scooter goes more than 12 km per hour, the warning sound will ring out automatically. Depending on the careful design, the safety of the rider is the most important consideration of Airwheel.

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